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       Hanyuan Machinery has strong technical force, rich experience in product manufacturing, and a group of professional R&D personnel. It is a technical and industrial manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. Our company specializes in the production of food forming machinery, roasting and puffing equipment, baking and frying equipment, chocolate equipment, packaging machinery, nutrient cereal bar production line, beef rolling milk / Shaqima production line, rice wheat production line, Shaqima production line, rice noodles Production lines, wheat ring production lines and other food machinery, and provide professional food machinery customized services, production process consulting services.

      Hanyuan Machinery insists on “all products are newer every year, and new products are launched one or two per year”. Hanyuan Machinery invests quantitative funds every year for the upgrading of existing products and the development and promotion of new products. Hanyuan Machinery insists on positive production, first research and development, testing, re-production, improvement, and finally product stereotypes and large-scale production. Every technical improvement of Hanyuan Machinery is based on the actual situation of users, and strives to provide users with more practical, more usable and smarter products.

HY-Energy Bar Cereal Bar Equipment-Hanyuan MachineryHY-Crisp Nut Cake Equipment-Hanyuan Machinery       Hanyuan Machinery has more technical accumulations for food molding equipment, and different functions and different specifications of equipment have detailed technical research and production experience. The food molding equipment products produced by Hanyuan Machinery are versatile and of various types, and can adapt to the needs of various users. Hanyuan Machinery develops and produces various food equipment, such as food molding equipment, frying equipment, baking equipment, puffing equipment, frying equipment, chocolate equipment, packaging equipment.

      The products of Hanyuan Machinery have been updated and put on the market. If you have special food equipment needs, please contact us, our company will be happy to provide you with professional mechanical design, customized production services, telephone: 15862203599.

3D Design Case

Cereal bar equipment
Energy bar equipment
Crisp sugar equipment
Nut cake equipment
Fried equipment
Puffing equipment
Puffing equipment
Roasting machine
Sugar equipment
Sugar system
Mixing equipment
Mixing equipment
 Win the trust and praise from the domestic and foreign customers with high professionalism, advanced design concept, reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service system.

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