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Excellent Corporate Culture

1. Corporate slogan: professional design, elaborate manufacturing.
2, customer, customer satisfaction is the most important yardstick to measure our work performance.
3. Employees, the company's most important wealth, the improvement of employees' quality and professional level is the growth of the company's wealth. The employee's welfare and living standards are the concrete manifestation of the company's operating efficiency.
4, products, innovative products are the foundation of the company's development.
5. Quality, product and service quality are the lifeline of the company's development.
6, a brand, a product of the company's products and services.
7, the market, to find and develop the market that is most suitable for us, and strive to achieve the highest share.
8. Management, the basic policy of all business activities: standardization, scientific, and humanization.

Excellent Management Structure

Management Structure-HANYUAN MACHINERY
      Our company currently has eight functional departments: general manager, general manager, enterprise propaganda, sales department, finance department, production department (order management office, production group, delivery office), technical department (development, quality inspection, commissioning, After-sales), procurement, warehousing department, logistics department. All departments work closely together and perform their duties, providing efficient and more efficient food equipment and production solutions for new and old customers with efficient production efficiency.

Excellent Management Model

6s Order Management Mode-HANYUAN MACHINERY “6S order management mode” is the quintessence of our company's many years of management experience. It adopts a process and responsibility mechanism to manage customer orders, which can guarantee the quality, quantity and speed of order production.

 “Large customer customization mode” is our company's many years of production management innovation, which can better integrate personalized and differentiated services into the company's operations, which can improve customer satisfaction and promote economic benefits. Some functional product brands allow customers to choose freely. The product structure and product functions are customized according to customer needs, and the products produced can be more adapted to meet the needs of customers.

Excellent After-sales Service System

After-sale Service-HANYUAN MACHINERY
One-stop after-sales service, 72 hours of quick response.

     Hanyuan Machinery's equipment is sold well both at home and abroad. In order to support the use efficiency of the company's products, the company has established a comprehensive after-sales system throughout the country, and strives to provide fast after-sales service for new and old customers.

     Hanyuan Machinery provides 1 year warranty service for all factory equipment; and is the first to propose a lifetime maintenance concept in the industry (after the warranty period, the parts and labor costs are charged at the cost price).

     After-sales service telephone: 0515-89511658, 15862038599.

 Win the trust and praise from the domestic and foreign customers with high professionalism, advanced design concept, reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service system.

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